Who we are

We are obsessed by our clients and laser focused on helping them thrive. We believe in simplicity and excellence in everything we do. Through our innovative methodologies and tools, we deliver real impact and game changing improvements cheaper, faster, more precise, and in a higher quality than traditional consulting.

Our values

  • Customer centric: We are obsessive about our clientstheir goals and how we can help them to create substantial improvements. 
  • Passion for innovation: We constantly challenge the status quo, rethink what we are doing and simplify our approach to create unrivaled products, services and processes.  
  • Passion for performance: We focus on key actions to deliver real results that matter and change our clients’ game in a timely fashion. 
  • Think big: We don’t play small; we think differently and create a bold direction for us and our clients. 
  • Infinite learning: We are curious and continuously seek to improve ourselves. We do this through exploring new possibilities, stretching beyond our comfort zone and acquiring new knowledge and skills in times dedicated to learning. 
  • Highest standards: In everything we do we continually raise the bar to deliver highest quality and the very best results. 
  • Trust: While we work hard to earn trust from clients and colleagues, we trust others unconditionally upfront and take it away if necessary

How can we help you thrive?

How we work

We believe the key to exceptional service, innovative solutions and breakthrough products is a combination of talented people, industry and business expertise, diligent problem solving and effective tools to materialize changes. Through our innovative consulting approach, we deliver outstanding results for our clients in a collaborative process that is designed to be agile, easy and enjoyable. 

We help companies transforming their products and customer portfolios. We drive complex assignments to turnaround organizations. Everything we do, we do to support our clients thrive and raise their game. At Solia Consulting we want to see our clients succeed! 



We always listen carefully in order to understand our clients’ needs and challanges and what is serious and important for them.



We consult to generate actions and strive for practical and sustainable solutions

Fact based
We base our findings on hard facts and thorough analysis.

We design a flexible and iterative approach to tackle our clients’ challenges together with them.

We cooperate with trusted organizations and technology partners in order to guarantee the best results.

We rely on our expertise and our clients’ know-how to collaboratively increase their success.

Our team

Michael Obernberger

Founder & CEO


Focus: Develop & implement sustainable strategies with focus on Business Strategy, Marketing & Sales (Strategic Marketing, Pricing, Key Account Management, Sales Force Effectiveness, Small Customer Management, Channel management), and Innovation.
“At Solia we love challenging the status-quo and established thinking. Everything we do, we do to help our customers thrive and raise their game.”

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